Possible Essay Questions for Unit 2 Test

*Describe two differences between mass and weight.

*Describe how to determine average speed.

*Describe both speed and velocity, and state the difference between the two.

*Describe how unbalanced forces affect moving and nonmoving objects.

*You are a passenger in a car that is moving rapidly down a straight road.  As the driver makes a sharp left turn, you are pressed against the right side of the car. Explain why this happens.

*Use Newton’s 3rd law to explain how a person hammering a nail into a block of wood is  demonstrating conservation of momentum.

*Explain why a feather dropped from the same height as an acorn will fall to earth more slowly than the acorn.

*Imagine you are throwing snowballs. The snowball moves away from you at a velocity of 2m/s.  What type of motion does the snowball exhibit? Explain your answer.

*How does free fall in an orbiting spacecraft cause the appearance of weightlessness?

*How can a skydiver benefit from air resistance?

*A 0.151kg baseball is pitched with a velocity of 43.1m/s.  Ignoring air resistance, what is the baseball’s momentum after being pitched?  Show your work.

*You are part of a team that is raising a sunken ship from deep underwater. Several members of the team suggest inflating large balloons inside its hull.  Do you agree? Explain why or why not.

*You have been given two different fluids with unknown densities,   How could you determine which fluid is more dense without mixing the two fluids together.

*Wood usually floats, but some types of wood are more buoyant than others.  For example, a m3 of balsa is more buoyant than a m3 of oak.  Explain why this is true.

*Why does pressure increase as the depth of the water increases?

*Pilots have to adjust the plane’s wing flaps throughout a flight.  Explain the purpose of these adjustments.


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