Possible Essay Questions

Practice, try them all in advance, or work with a friend, but check them ALL out even though you will only have one on the quiz, selection will be random.


1) Explain what mass and weight are; how they are related to each other; how measured; give an example of this by providing a fictional problem and showing its solution.

2) State and explain Hooke's Law. Give examples to illustrate.

3)Discuss the different types of frictional forces; what they have in common and how they are different.

4) Motors use energy to produce some kind of movement. In lesson 7-9, we made some discoveries about the motors. Summarize what we have found. Do these principles apply to other motors? Give an example.

5) A crane lifts a freight box with the mass of a long ton (1016 kg) to the second floor (30 m) in 75 seconds. How much force does it exert? How much work did it do? What was its power output? What are some of the limitations of the crane? Show all work.

6) State, explain, and give an example of each of Newton's Laws of motion.

7) Explain the energy transformation that have to take place for the motor to lift a load of washers. How much energy must have been supplied? Show all work.

8) Skinny little Janie Smith (weighs on 445 N) has that mean old science teacher that gives science homework every night and consequently has to carry a heavy backpack weighing 40 N to and from school. She just lives next door, a mere 400 m away. How much work does she have to do to get to school? Give three reasonable suggestions to make this task easier.

9) Janie may be skinny but she's fast (on the track team): she can do that work in #8 in 3 minutes. What is her power output in watts? If she had this much power output on an exercise bike connected to a generator, how many kW's of electricity could Janie produce? If Janie were providing transportation for us (pulling the little red wagon) she can only provide how many hp?


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